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Travel Grants for Students

DGMS advertises and organizes travel grants as follows:
Students who meet the guidelines may apply for a DGMS travel grant  via the online form (only) on the DGMS Website before January 31st, 2024.

open the online form

There is a limit of max. 3 persons/group and a total number of 70 for travel grant applications for DGMS 2024!

  •  Students applying for a travel grants will receive a flat rate of 350 €.
  • Students from closer distance (all people from Augsburg, Regensburg) will receive a reduced flat rate of 250 €.
  • There will be no travel grants for students from Munich area.

Importantly, students who apply for a travel grant will have to confirm by signature – directly after the conference in Freising – that no additional third-party financial support is available. Otherwise, the travel grants can’t be awarded. Please consider this additional amount of time, as there will be up to 70 students to be processed!

Please pay attention for additional announcements during the conference in Munich (Freising)!

Matthias Letzel, DGMS treasurer